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Juvenile justice treatment programme - Archer
Juvenile justice prevention programme - Archer with target
What'sImportant? Module Description
Juvenile justice rehabilitation programme - Archer with target

We encourage participants to consider what is important to them and behave in line with what’s important.

Juvenile justice prevention programme - Angry Dude Module Description
  • Juvenile justice rehabilitation programme - Angry Hulk Dude
  • Juvenile justice treatment programme - Angry Dude

Observe body signs, understand how we individually manage threat and introduce the body-thought-feeling model and behavioural record.

Juvenile justice treatment programme - Two boys socialising CommunicationSkills Module Description
Juvenile justice rehabilitation programme - Two boys socialising

We work with templates for social decision-making and assertiveness that engages participants in a solution-focused approach.

Juvenile restorative justice programme - Thinking Girl Description
Youth restorative justice programme - Thinking Girl

Understand the relevance of thoughts and antisocial thinking styles in offending and antisocial behaviour. This includes a session on thinking styles associated with anger-related and purposeful violence.

Youth restorative justice programme - Community Service
Youth restorative justice programme - Shovel
Juvenile restorative justice programme - Community Service

Community Service is about joining with a community, my contribution being valued, giving back, being part of something and acting out what sort of community I want to live in.

Offending youth rehabilitation programme - Traffic Light Relapse Prevention Module Description
Offending youth therapy programme - Traffic Light

The upside-down traffic light is a tool for risk management. We draw together what is important with the offending related variables into a useable model for managing risk.

Offending youth therapy programme - Mindful boy Mindfulness Module Description
Offending youth rehabilitation programme - Mindful boy

We get started with mindfulness skills. Aside from relaxation the goal here is about re-discovering our ability to perceive the world via our senses and then to grow our skills for focusing and sustaining attention.

Offending youth rehabilitation programme - Girl violating property
Offending youth therapy programme - Girl violating property
Module Description
Youth behaviour therapy programme - Girl violating property

Consider the relevant variables associated with my offending; the risky stuff. It is about participants starting to own their contribution to what happened and to understand the changeable aspects of it.

Youth Offending Prevention Skills Training Materials
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