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About Us is the material, resourcing and science informed practice that sits behind the offence focused and skill training groups we run for youth.

Dr Eggleston spent the 1990s completing clinical psychology training, but also hanging out with youth gangs as part of his PhD.

Over the past 17 years, Dr Eggleston has developed specialist level experience as programme designer and trainer for a cognitive-behavioural group programme for youth including in 2002 (being involved in the roll out , delivery and supervision support for the Department of Corrections EQUIP Programme), in 2008 design and roll-out of the Department of Corrections Youth Offending Community Programme and 2013-14 design and support of rollout of offence focused group programme which runs at a regional Youth Justice Residence.

In each iteration of design for various briefs over the years Dr Eggleston has filtered the key deliverable components of offence focused and skill training programmes for youth offenders. will continue to grow with the developments in the scientific literature as well as informed by experiences running the groups, with supervision of facilitators and the practicalities and constraints of running a group in the settings in which we work.

There are detailed session by session manuals that go with each of the modules.

To date, the programmes run via have been in collaboration with Rotovegas Youth Health. Rotovegas is a well established youth health provider and holds various contracts in the community and in residential settings.

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